:: Act4nature ::

Genesis and purpose

Act4nature is an initiative launched in 2018 by the French Association of Companies for the Environment (EpE) and numerous partner. It aims to engage businesses on the issue of their direct and indirect impacts, dependencies, and opportunities for nature-positive actions. It was launched with the aim of showcasing these achievements at international milestones: the launch of the first global scientific assessment by IPBES, the World Nature Congress, and COP15. The goal was to approach these events with solid concrete achievements.

This alliance between businesses, public authorities, scientists, and environmental associations aims to create an international collective dynamic to protect, value, and restore biodiversity, particularly through the involvement of CEOs from all sectors. The idea is that their legitimate interest in biodiversity encourages all their employees, partners, and stakeholders in their value chain to take local action.

Today, scientists, economists, state and international institutions agree on the urgency of action and the need to address stakeholders capable of providing concrete and immediate solutions, as well as medium- and long-term solutions. By joining act4nature international, companies take:

  • Common commitments, signed by their CEO at the highest operational level of the company;
  • Individual commitments recognised as SMART by the alliance’s partners, all aimed at integrating biodiversity into companies’ overall development strategies and operations, according to tailored approaches for each.