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Act4nature in the world

A first “spreading” of the act4nature initiative led to a twofold initiative in France in 2020:

  • An initiative called “Entreprises engagées pour la nature – act4nature France” (“Businesses committed to nature – act4nature France”), managed and run by Office français de la biodiversité (the French Office for Biodiversity) intended for French businesses. Its purpose is to increase the number of businesses committed, particularly by involving those with no regulatory reporting obligations, and to mobilise and support the commitment of new businesses, whether large, medium or small businesses. The commitments implementation is monitored by Office français de la biodiversité. To find out more, visit the website of Office français de la biodiversité here.
  • An initiative now called “act4nature international” intended for French international groups, which is the continuation of act4nature 2018. It is still run by EpE within the framework of a multi-stakeholder COPIL and remains a French initiative: all the partners are French. The businesses commit to report on their commitments implementation.

International business networks within the WBCSD (in Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland…) have also deployed the act4nature principles in the Lisbon Declaration.

The global business coalition dedicated to biodiversity Business for Nature (EpE is a member) has also recognised act4nature as one of the only cross-sector platform for business commitments at international scale that can inspire businesses. Discover the website here.

A second “spreading” was launched in Portugal in May 2020 at the initiative of the local WBCSD partner.

  • The “act4nature Portugal” initiative is a continuation of the act4nature international principles. The objective is to mobilise and encourage businesses to protect, promote and restore biodiversity and ecosystem services. Discover the dedicated website here.

NEW: a third “spreading” is being built by Infra Eco Network Europe (IENE) and its partners

  • The Transport4nature initiative aims to mobilise European transport businesses on their biodiversity issues based on the principles of act4nature international. Discover the IENE website.